Saturday, 4 June 2011

Six Months

It's nearly time for the first half-anniversary of little Joseph's birth.
It's been a fun old time, right from the word go, what with the 39 hour delivery and all. We've had some ups, some downs and a lot in between. There have been times when I've wondered if being a mother was something I should have ever considered at all and there have been times when I've cuddled him close, wishing never to let go!
He's asleep right now, at last. He awoke in the middle of his nap in a mighty bad mood, probably something to do with the very full nappy he had. Took a while to settle him back, but it seems to have worked. Now when he's upset in his cot he doesn't just holler, he rolls around. He's very good at getting from back to front, but less good the other way. So often he's crying because he's rolled onto his front and hasn't been able to get back again. This results in some quite loud, but muffled, screams. He's getting harder to settle back if he wakes. It used to be that a dummy would do the trick, but on its own it's not enough. This last week I've had to cuddle him for a while when he's woken up, he's been to distressed to settle himself back.
He's starting to get the hang of peek-a-boo now. Andy said that last night as he was putting him down, he started playing it all on his own! He was flapping the blanket over his head, yanking it back and grinning. He did this several times.
Got some good giggles this week. I have tried blowing raspberries on his belly before now, but he has either not reacted at all, or cried. This time he laughed, and what a laugh it was! He's got a giggle like nothing else I have ever heard. He also likes it if you hold him flat in your arms and wiggle him about, he really smiles at that! Playing with his feet is also good, he's always liked that.
Weaning is progressing. Got him weighed on Friday and he's gained a little more than I expected which means weaning has perhaps gone a little too well, but not so much to worry about. I wont be introducing chocolate or cream any time soon!

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