Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Straight up, no milk or sugar

It takes a while to settle Daniel off to sleep sometimes. The trick though, is not in getting him to sleep for his nap, but keeping him there.
It took half an hour today, or thereabouts. I wasn't paying too much attention.
When I had judged it finally safe, I got up to go get a cup of tea. Jiggling for that length of time is thirsty work.
Just as I had got far enough away to not get back quickly enough, the phone rang. Well ain't that typical. I don't get many calls in the landline and they always happen when Daniel is napping.
It was at least a proper phone call and not some automated voice going on about PPI I've never bought or an accident I've never had.
It disturbed Daniel, so back to the jiggling. Daniel had just started going back to sleep when Joseph decided that quiet play in his room was all very well and good, but noisy play out on the landing was better.
Had a word with him - play quiet and you can watch that dreadful programme with the Lego ninjas later. Spinjitsu? Good grief.
Daniel went back to sleep with a bit of persuasion. What am I going to do when he gets to big for his baby car seat? What will I jiggle him in then? We can't use his bouncy chair any more, when you sit him in it it just makes a sort of groaning sound, like over stressed metal and then just... sags. He's too heavy to bounce.
Asleep at last! Can I have that cup if tea now? Get up, head to kitchen and trip noisily over the bumbo tray....
Jiggle jiggle jiggle....

To add insult to repetitive strain injury...
I get my cup of tea, have a look through Netflix for something to watch, pick something that looks good.
Only to discover it's got Nicholas Cage in it. Doing a fake British accent no less. Arrrrrgh!