About Me

I'm a new mum living in the south of England and I am an absolute newbie when it comes to anything baby related. When I was younger I had absolutely no interest at all in babies or children, I found them mystifying and a little bit scary! I used to watch other teenage girls get all fussy over babies and actually fight over who was going to get the next cuddle. This really baffled me, to me babies were strange things that smelt of sick, did nasty poos and had such delicate necks that you could kill them if you didn't hold them just right.
Still, I grew up, got married and entered the gene pool! I am finding that motherhood is joyful and terrifying, wonderful and exhausting all at the same time. I also discovered that whilst babies necks are not strong they are also not made of glass, not all babies vomit every two seconds and baby poo actually smells a lot like fresh cat food (yes, just go sniff some it's true) and I've been dealing with that day in day out for years! Anyway, if you can empty a litter tray, you can cope with a nappy.
Writing all my experiences down is proving to be a very helpful thing for me, it helps me look back at recent events and think through them calmly, whether they be good or bad. It is also a great way to help remind me of what has happened. I've never really bothered to keep a diary before, but this is proving to be a lot more fun than I thought.