Thursday, 9 June 2011

He's getting on

It's hard to believe he's the same baby he was six months ago. Admittedly he wasn't the smallest of babies right from the start, but he was still pretty tiny! Now he seems huge, a behemoth of a child, a "little chunk" as I like to call him. He's still a littl'un, but growing!
He's mastered rolling around the floor now. I can put him at one end of his play mat, pop out of the room to get something and when I come back, he's at the other end! He will roll closer to me as I'm using the computer and grab at my feet, which usualy makes me laugh as I'm very ticklish! Every time The Cat walks past him, he makes a grab for her, something she's not too keen on!
He can focus on things very well now, something I really notice when we sit and watch "Timmy Time" together. He used to just stare at the screen, but now he focuses on the images and I can see his eyes moving about to follow them. He's getting a little better at recognising people he doesn't see every day, especially Grandma and Grandpa!
He really has found his feet now, and I mean that literally! He's got the toes of his left foot in his mouth several times now, I'm sure he's not far off with the right one! His favourite thing is still kicking, especially in his cot when he can bang them on the wooden bars making quite a noise!
We went out for lunch on tuesday, which was very nice. Joseph behaved himself in the restaraunt and ate his own dinner, but at some point in our after meal wanderings he managed to throw little brown mouse out of the pushchair without me seeing and although we did hve a good look, we didn't find it. I guess it's something to get used to, but it's annoying becasue of all of his toys it's the one where we can't go and buy a new one as it came with the toy bar on his bouncy chair! He's too chunky for that now too, it doesn't so much bounce as just bend and creak in a slightly worrying way. I've retired it now, it's packed away.

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