Tuesday, 14 June 2011

On the move

Andy's come up with a new trick for sleeping. One of the reasons Joseph wakes up so much is that he turns anti-clockwise in his sleep and then gets wedged crosswise in the cot. Andy has been putting him down turned almost as far in a clockwise direction so that as Joseph moves while he settles, he actually is pulling himself into a more comfortable position. It really worked last night and he slept through till 6am.
Now when he wakes up he starts to chatter. He's managed to start making a "dat dat dat" sort of sound, which is quite cute, but not as much so in the early hours of the morning. I can't help but wonder if "Dada" will not be far off, but I know that is pushing it, he's barely six months old and can't even sit up without help yet. On the other hand you can stand him on his feet and put his hands on the sofa and he will support himself for a little while. He hasn't made any more progress towards crawling, but I wonder if he will bypass it and go straight to walking, after all he's getting around quite well at the moment just by rolling. He can go from one side of the room to the other in about ten seconds. Thankfully he usually gives up half way. I'm having to be so careful what I leave at floor level now, he had no concept of what happens to his head as he rolls about and he's already clonked it on a chair leg! The computer cupboard is always closed now, Joseph does like grabbing at the wires!
The dribbling is still much the same and I am still wondering if two little teeth might make an appearance soon as there are now four quite distinct whitish bumps in his gum.

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