Saturday, 25 June 2011

Ten Baby Observations

1, Let's start with a nice one - little baby smiles! They are just about the best thing in the world!
2, Before weaning you have to listen for the poop, but after you have to watch - for the tensing and the bright pink face and the cross expression. They can't digest spinach or sweetcorn.
3, Cutting a babies nails is actually really hard! I tried biting them as recommended, but that was a total failure and baby nail clippers are quite hard to use.
4, Having a littl'un makes you quite popular, even total strangers will walk past and say "Oh, cute baby!" which is nice. You can also exchange knowing nods and smiles with other mums of tots about the same age, you might never have met them before but they know, they know!
5, Managing on less than eight hours sleep a night is not something I can do. Not for more than a week or so. Joseph has been very kind to me, by 6 weeks old he was letting me sleep at night, and it saved my life.
6, I wish Ardman would make more childrens shows. Theirs are the only ones I can watch more than once without wanting to....  Seriously, what is up with that Waybuloo program? I felt like I'd accidentally walked into a room where the cool kids go to smoke something illegal! This is supposed to be childrens entertainment?? Thomas the Tank Engine isn't what it used to be either.
7, Dribble. Nobody warned me about the dribble.
8, Blowing raspberries on a little babies tum is as fun as I'd hoped it would be!
9, This isn't so much of an observation but a question - why do they put pockets on baby clothes? Seriously, what are they going to keep in them?
10, Sudocream. Jolly useful stuff.

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