Saturday, 11 June 2011

Sleep Cycle

And everything was going so well....
It's still ok overnight, thank goodness! But he's starting to get really fussy during the day now. You can't just give him a little blanket, he'll kick it off, get tangled in it and try to eat it. He has to be in his sleeping bag all the time and he has to have a toy nearby for entertainment and it's been a very long time since I was able to put him down and have him settle without the dummy. It's helping with the weight loss programme, I'm running up and down stairs a lot during nap times now, to deal with the screaming.
It used to be that he'd cry a little, a very sleepy cry, and then settle himself. Now he's started doing a full on cry, the kind of cry where you don't stop and give it a minute to see if he'll calm down, you just run because it sounds like he's hurt himself.
He hasn't, of course and I'm starting to think he's cottoned on to the fact that if he screams I'll come running. I'm having to pick him up out of the crib and cuddle him to calm him down, simply sticking his dummy in his mouth and walking away no longer works, all he does is scream some more.
On a lighter note, I tried him on Dairylea today. He ate a small piece, gave me a withering look that said "Mum, this isn't food!" and spat it out. Oh well, most of a Dairylea triangle for me then!

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