Monday, 20 June 2011

Getting smaller

It's funny, but I looked at Joseph today and I thought "He's really starting to look like someone!" which is an odd thing to think, but what I mean is that he's not just looking like a baby any more, you can see more and more what he will be like when he's grown. He's getting more facial expressions now and Andy has noticed that when Joseph is happy he says "Da da dat" more and when he's upset or uncomfortable he says "Na na naa!" more. We've also had some "Ba ba" sounds and a couple of "Ummum" sort of noises, but nothing that you'd consider clear communication yet. Perhaps that's too big an ask for a baby who's still several weeks from being seven months old. He's getting better at sitting though, probably wont be long before he can support himself.
In other news, the post pregnancy diet has been going quite well, I tried on some old clothes today and actually fitted in them, which prompted me to finally get out and spend the Next voucher I had been given at Christmas. Hadn't bothered before, didn't want to waste money on clothes I would hopefully be too thin for after a short while.
The diet has hit a bit of a wobble this week though, with Andys birthday and fathers day I've eaten more sausages than is sensible and had a big burger meal at Frankie and Benny's, where I had a rather naughty pudding too. I will be extra strict for the remainder of the week and hopefully undo the damage!
I don't want to loose too much more, and I'm now thinking of how to modify my diet to maintain my weight rather than shrinking it. It's good to be pretty much the size I used to be when I was quite a bit younger!

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