Tuesday, 31 May 2011

A brief break

Well, have taken a couple of weeks off the blogging. Have been feeling really rather more tired than usual and simply haven't felt up to much. I had one of those twitchy muscles under my left eye that was going almost constantly for about four weeks and it really wasn't helping! It's stopped for now, but when it was going it felt like the whole left side of my face was cramping up.
Joseph is doing well. He can now roll from front to back and vice versa, which means I have to be very careful where I put him down, I don't want him rolling off the sofa! He tends to do it in his crib when unhappy and one time I had to run upstairs during one of his naps as he suddenly started really hollering! He'd rolled onto his front, but there wasn't quite enough room and he'd bumped his head.
If you hold his hands or support under his arms he can stand up quite well, he really enjoys it! Hasn't made any progress in the crawling front, but he can spend longer on his front before he gets upset now. He's eating well and appears to quite like spinach, although it does tend to show up in his nappy some while later.
Hoping to get back into the habit of this now, will write some more soon.

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