Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Ten Top Tips

1, Extra-virgin olive oil isn't just good for salads. It's also great for itchy baby skin. Joseph had flaky skin for quite a while, it comes with being a week overdue. We rubbed in the oil after bath time and it made a big difference.
2, Place a muslin folded into four underneath babies bottom when changing. Especially when babies are very tiny, they do like to have a little widdle on the mat. We have a soft plastic covered mat and the widdle tends to puddle where you don't want it to. To start with I was either totally stripping him off before each change or having to constantly wash widdle covered babygros. The muslin absorbs the wet before it has a chance to get where you don't want it to and you don't find yourself with a damp and slightly smelly baby.
3, Buy a cheap mobile from a charity shop and customise it with toys that are safe to play with. This is actually Grandmas idea, but I didn't think she'd mind me sharing it. We've had to move Joseph's cot down a level because he managed to pull one of the toys off! Most mobiles don't come with things attached that are actually designed to be played with.
4, We bought a play mat that folds in half and zips up. When he's not using it we use it to store his soft toys and is great for travelling.
5, Get a fast internet connection. During the day you can catch up on all those TV shows you were too tired to watch in the evening on the various internet players. It's cheaper than the sky boxes with the integral hard drive.
6, You can never have too many bibs. The soft ones are more comfortable but the plastic backed ones are better at stopping the Niagara Falls flow of dribble.
7, You can never have too many muslins
8, If someone offers to help you out, don't be too proud to accept. Take advantage of the extra time this will give you and pay them back with baby cuddles
9, When it comes to nappies, you get what you pay for.
10,  Join as many baby clubs as you can. I have been sent lots of free samples and coupons.

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