Tuesday, 26 April 2011


At almost five months old, I was expecting to have to wait at least one more month before thinking about solids, especially as he's a formula fed baby - but here we are!
It's been a busy few days. I did the big Easter meal - lamb shank - and Mum did a truly delicious pudding of strawberry shortcake. Now we've started pulling our bathroom to bits, the old suite being described in loving terms by the previous owners as "turd brown". We have to think about moving house soon and what with the nasty nasty suite and the rather disastrous experiment with tile paint, something needed to be done.
Andy has spent two days ripping off tiles and pulling out the bath only to find that the new bath is bigger by a fraction of an inch, which is just enough to be a total pain. More ripping out must be done and what was going to be a horrible job has turned into something Dante might find in one of his circles.
Joseph, feeling a little left out, has had a day where he's not wanted to be put down and has been even fussier than usual with his feeds. By 7pm things were not going well at all and he was pushing the bottle away with a new level of ferocity having taken barely half.
We made up the baby rice with some of the refused bottle milk in more hope than certainty. However, Joseph took one spoonful and was hooked. We added a little more rice to achieve a more wallpaper paste texture and Joseph was actively looking up at the spoon, leaning forwards and opening his mouth for the spoon! After quite a few spoonfuls I realised we had better stop, after all this was his first attempt at something more textured than milk and I didn't want him waking up with indigestion. He took the rest of the bottle without protest and was rewarded with one more spoonful of rice.
He was taken to bed and managed another first, the discarded dummy in the cot caught his eye and straight in the mouth it went. He's grabbed his dummy before and attempted to get it in his mouth, but never with any success, he usually ends up chewing the side. This time, in it went!
He's growing up so fast.

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