Saturday, 30 April 2011

A Right Royal Occasion

We decided to head on over to my Mum and Dads house to watch the event. I hadn't wanted to make a big deal of things, but you know how things can go when the ball gets rolling. I did end up buying some bunting and flags to wave, one of which Joseph had some fun with. My best achievement was some iced tray bake cake that I drew little union flags on with writing icing. Thanks to Sainsburys being out of stock of red, the flags were pinker than I would have liked, but they did look good. I also made cupcakes with little edible ball-bearings on, something which as a Dr Who fan is an absolute must on occasions like this.
Joseph slept through a lot of it and what he was awake for I doubt he understood, but he does like spending time with Grandma and Andy was glad of a day off from bathroom related DIY.
Much cake was eaten by all and much indigestion the following day. There's some leftover cake in the kitchen and I can't face it, I feel a bit all caked out!
There's been a bit of background mumbling about the whole Royal thing. I think it's great that this country has some history to celebrate and whilst I have had some republican leanings I think the Royal family are a part of this nation and lets face it, we do need an excuse to wave flags every now and again. I'm keeping the bunting for the diamond jubilee celebrations and this time the supermarket had better have the right colour icing!
On second thoughts, I might just have that bit of cake after all!

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