Thursday, 14 April 2011


Well, it's that time of year. The first bedding plants are in, the finches are making little nests and the Formula 1 season has started. Should be an interesting one, what with KERS back and the new DRS, we might get a lot more going on in the races. Malaysia certainly had plenty to talk about, it's a better track for overtaking in general and with the new systems we saw a lot more dancing about, although the sight of Vitaly Petrov attempting to make his car fly was a fun one. Congratulations to Sebastian Vettel for walking away with it and to Jensen Button and Nick Heidfeld for hanging on in there to complete the podium. Sorry Bahrain for not being able to open the season, but I think the people there have more important things to worry about - hope it works out for the best.
Joseph has been changing in the last month. He can grip more strongly and is much better at reaching out for what he wants. He was very sweet this morning, lying in his cot reaching up at his toys on his mobile. It has a bright red robin on it and he is determined that in the end he will get a hold of it. He he, he doesn't know that the moment his arms are long enough we will drop the level of his cot!
Andy is the bath time maestro and has seen some big changes there, too. Yesterday Joseph tried to eat his big yellow ducky for the first time. It's always interested him and he's finally been able to get a hold of it.
He's getting close to rolling himself over, just as long as there's something of interest to his side. At the moment his favourite item to reach for are the packs of baby wipes, I've had to stop stacking them up in a pile so he doesn't end up pulling them down on himself. I don't think a pack of wipes would do too much damage, but you never know.
He's very chatty now. Sometimes he's just a bit shouty, but you can hear him trying to make different noises all the time. He really likes the back of the throat noises and he absolutely loves it if you make them back. Still haven't taught him to stick his tongue out yet, but it probably wont be long.
He's got through the latest round of injections all right. This time he lost a little bit of appetite, he likes to do different things each time. I'm not looking forward to Friday 13th May, that's when his first blood test is due for the clinical trial. I have to slather him in analgesic cream an hour before the appointment, which should be fun! I will let you all know how it goes.

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