Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Happy Days

Well, it's been a funny few days round here. Yesterday we had quite a long power cut and I ended up getting very bored and going to my mums. I appear to live an electricity dependant lifestyle and I hadn't realised until the power was off and clearly staying that way for a while. After boiling some water on the hob for a cup of tea (and manually lighting the gas) I gave up and left.
My mum's seen a lot of Joseph this week now as I had already decided today was going to be a sewing day, which at the moment is more easily done by going over there. She has more space and can watch Joseph. I'm getting back into the handbag making again, expect some shameless plugs on here when things get going properly.
Grandma gave Joseph a bath, which he wasn't too happy about. That's Daddy's job and the water was a little warmer than usual. We decided to go out for a meal in the end, which was nice and Joseph stayed with the grandparents, behaving himself and going to sleep well, which was a relief. I managed not to eat like a hungry horse for once, my dietary policy of eating less is paying off. I've almost lost the stone I put on during pregnancy and not eating a three course meal is one of my strategies. I was so full after the main course I didn't fancy a tiramisu for pudding. Anyone who knows me will realise that I must have been very full to pass up such a pudding, and indeed I was!
He's been a happy chappy today, lots of smiles and giggles. We've bought a collar with handles for his bottle, which he likes but hasn't got the knack of yet. He grips onto it well, but tends to pull the bottle out of his mouth a lot. We've also upgraded the teats on his bottles, we realised that he still had some of the size 1 newborn teats left, and at four and a half months they're not ideal. When he used the new teat today, it surprised him a little, but the feed was quicker!
Well I'm signing off for now, he's got bored and wants me to play.

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