Monday, 25 April 2011

Getting Mobile

He's started trying to roll over. He hasn't got further than from his back to his side, but it's good progress. The first few times were on the nappy changing mat, he likes to make a grab for the packs of wipes. I'm not sure why they're so interesting to him, but there you go!
Yesterday we were at my parents house and he was lying on the floor in the living room. Something about my Mums sofa caught his eye and he rolled to his side and began playing with the skirt of fabric around the bottom. Then he lifted it up and stuck his head underneath, it was bizarre but fun to watch. He's also making great leaps in the sitting up stakes. He's been happy to sit supported for quite some time now, but recently I have noticed he's been needing a lot less help. Sometimes, if you sit him just right he can sit for a minute or so without me holding on at all! Not that I go very far, sudden movements make him topple over.
Yesterday while Andy was eating his breakfast, Joseph was sat in his bouncy chair, watching him like a hawk, clearly fascinating by the whole eating thing. That's another sign of wanting to wean to tick off, he's sucking on everything he can reach, he can sit up (with help!) and now he's clearly interested in us eating. The last thing to watch out for is him getting hungry earlier than usual as milk isn't satisfying him any more. This will be more obvious in him as I have him on a pretty good routine and he's been sleeping through the night very well. He has starting waking up early, but isn't showing signs of being hungry so I think it's just the higher light levels early in the morning. I shall watch and wait and I have a pack of baby rice in the cupboard just in case!

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