Thursday, 21 April 2011

Sleep Happenings.

It sure is a bright spring day today. The birds sound happy, the mice are multiplying in the outside store (one day they'll discover advanced calculus, then we'll be in trouble), the Cat is having a sleep on the bed next to the cot which contains a contented little boy, lost in the land of nod.
Did my ironing yesterday, got everything out and then realised I hadn't got any coat hangers to hang the shirts up as I iron them. I slipped into the bedroom where Joseph was having a nap and managed to dislodge several hangers from the tangle in the wardrobe without making a noise. There are two things in life guaranteed to tangle and get messy, one is coat hangers and the other is power adapters.
Thinking myself lucky, I stepped backwards into the crib, brushing the drop side. It hadn't quite been pulled back into place properly and it slipped back with a loud crack. Josephs eyes shot open, as did his mouth and he let out a startled cry. All was set for a totally ruined nap time when just as suddenly his eyes snapped shut again and the screaming was replaced by the soft sounds of a sleeping baby.
My heart remembered to start beating again and I slowly let out a long deep breath. Joseph was a picture of serenity, fast asleep and still tucked in. I crept downstairs, still baffled at his ability to go back to sleep so fast.
It's not the only funny sleep incident. Earlier this week we were awoken by what could possibly have been a short sharp earthquake, but was in fact Joseph doing a fart. He did another of even greater magnitude and I was expecting the little boy to propel himself out of the cot to ceiling level simply by the force of the emission. Andy wondered if we'd have to apologise to the neighbours for so rudely awakening them. Joseph seemed entirely unmoved by the whole event, chattered to himself for a while and then went back to sleep.

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