Tuesday, 12 April 2011


Well, I was going to start off with something nice, but a short sharp rant is about to follow instead.
You know, there are people you really don't want to mess with. One is the local martial arts group, lets face it, annoying people who are carefully trained to have the ability to put a fist right through your face is probably a very bad idea. Another group of people it's best to treat with kid gloves are new mums. We can be fragile, what with the massive hormonal changes we've experienced and we can't be messed about with.
Consider the baby clinic. It runs once a week and you drop in monthly to weigh little munchkin and you can ask health visitors for advice if you need.
I repeat, you're supposed to turn up once a month, which I have been doing. I turn up last week and find the whole surgery closed. It's locked up and dark and I, having hauled myself out of my sick bed (ok, exaggeration, but I wasn't feeling very well) am somewhat irritated.
Guess what happened today?
I decided to walk this time, what with the weather being nice and sunny. I arrive to find the surgery open this time, but a snotty little note explaining that the baby clinic had moved to Loddon Valley leisure centre on friday mornings. When I turned up last month, there was not one mention of this. Seriously, when you have a drop in clinic that people are supposed to come to monthly, YOU NEED TO GIVE OVER A MONTHS NOTICE TO PEOPLE! Especially hormonal new mums, we should have been given some sort of leaflet last time explaining the change. What with hormones and disrupted sleep, we're not the best group of people for remembering things. If Joseph had only been 2 months and not 4, I would probably have burst into tears in the middle of the surgery. To be frank, I'm not sure I can be bothered going again, I don't really know the leisure centre, it's a big place with lots of rooms and I'll probably get lost in its corridors. Joseph looks healthy enough and knowing my luck if I turn up of friday it'll probably be shut for some stupid reason.
End of rant.

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