Saturday, 6 August 2011

Ups and Downs

Well, it's been an eventful few days. Joseph is still almost crawling, but the almost is getting smaller, if you get what I mean. He can get up on hands and knees, rocks back and forth and sometimes manages to flap his hands forwards and pull his knees up to meet them. I have never seen this happen more than twice in one go and it generally only happens if we're somewhere with a hard floor, but it's good progress.
It has had some unintended consequences in that on one of his flop forward efforts he forgot to keep control of his arms and did a face-plant forwards into the floor. If only it had simply been floor! Alas, his toy train that plays loud irritating noises when you press the buttons was in the way and he managed to crack his head quite hard on the only corner on the thing.
He had a little red bump on his forehead and I felt guilty the whole day. He did have a teeny tiny bruise on his head, but nothing too big to worry about.
He's also making great progress with sitting up, in that he can pretty much do it now, but it pays to stick close by to support him when he forgets and topples over. He did that today, just as I had taken my eyes off him for a second to look at something and he toppled into the one gap between my hands and I just wasn't quick enough. He now has another little bruise on the other side of his head to match the first one and yes, I am feeling guilty again.
In other news I am taking a sort of break from the post baby diet. I am almost at my target weight but seem to have stuck, so I am having a couple of weeks of eating a more normal diet to see what happens. Yesterday I did pretty well, but today I have eaten two slices of toast, some sponge mix and a lot of digestive biscuits. I am making a pudding for tomorrow, you see and I can't help myself but snack on the ingredients as I go.
In the supermarket I was debating between Tiramisu and Cheesecake, but on finding they had no cocoa power I opted for the latter only to get home and find I had bought the wrong sort of soft cheese. So, I went out again to another supermarket (they of the stack it high sell it cheap brigade, hate them but they are close) to see if I could fare better.
Did get dark chocolate and Amaretto so am heading down the Tiramisu route, but couldn't find cocoa and after I got home I found some "Organic Dark Chocolate Powder" in the back of the cupboard that I had forgotten we had.
I am expecting an evening snacking on mascarpone, sponge fingers and Amaretto coffee, so my balanced diet plan is out of the window today. However, if I snack on a few of the raspberries I am planning on putting in I can persuade myself it's not all that bad.

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