Monday, 1 August 2011

Nappy Rash

Well, I guess it happens to all babies eventually. Joseph's had the odd little spot, but nothing compared to the horrors unleashed on us this weekend.
I'd cooked up some home made baby food, one with rice, a couple of pots of cottage pie (well, that was leftovers really) and a rather nice fishy flavoured meal. This is the one we think did the damage, especially as he had it two days in a row.
His nappies smelt a bit fishy, I have to admit. They also looked quite vile. All right, baby poop at the best of times is a nasty business but on these occasions the nastiness was off the scale. He must have done a particularly heinous one overnight as it was well stuck to the nappy, and to him, poor little lamb. The net result was a poor little bright red botty and a very very grumpy baby. He's had a couple of days now of being more bad tempered than usual, and as there seems to be a lull in the teething, I'm putting his bottom squarely to blame.
Today I have done a lot of nappy changes, probably more than I used to do when he was a week old and still producing meiconium by the tonne.  Sudocream has been liberally applied and I am hoping that it works its magic as quickly as it usually manages to.
In other news he can now sit unsupported for about 20 seconds before either seeing something he wants and over reaching or just getting bored. He's getting sturdier when you prop him on his feet and occasionally makes little stepping movements with his right foot. I've also had to keep my back door closed today, despite the warmth because he's made a roly-poly bee-line for the outside world more than once and I don't fancy him going roly-poly flop onto our back step and into the gravel that The Cat now uses as a litter tray. I once saw Andy using a hosepipe on the gravel and when I asked him why he was watering plants where there were no plants he replied "I'm flushing the toilet."
The Cat still ignores Joseph and he's still trying to grab her by the tail, but I'm letting him today as it helps distract him from his unhappy nethers.

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