Wednesday, 17 August 2011


It's like a little light bulb suddenly went on in his head, just as soon as he was crawling he was pulling himself up on things - or at least trying to do so. Mostly he ends up propped up on something on his knees, unsure what to do next. Sometimes he will be trying to grab at stuff, sometimes he will simply stay there and try and bounce up and down for a minute whilst attempting to eat whatever it is he's pulled himself up on.
This morning he was trying to pull himself up on the sofa when a small cuddly toy caught his eye. He grasped it firmly in one hand, happily shaking it and smiling. With his other hand he also grabbed the toy in order to give it a a cuddle and yes, you've guessed. He realised too late that he didn't have a third hand with which to hold onto the sofa and quickly went splat onto the floor.
This was not an isolated incident. His poor little noggin has suffered a few bumps in recent days, I catch him most of the time, but not always. Sometimes it's that he's tired and just gives up, but you can usually spot this coming as he cries for a bit first. Sometimes he simply over-reaches himself. When propped up on one object he reaches for a further, taller one and the results are less than spectacular. Thankfully at least his rear end is quite well padded.
On two occasions he's managed to get up from his knees and actually stand on his feet. Alas this is not much of a success story as on neither occasion was he particularly well balanced and the first time he looked like he was attempting to do sideways splits. Both quickly resulted in a little tumble, but I was close enough to catch. He's pulling himself up in his cot now as well and is just tall enough to bash his head on the side if he falls over, so we have to be very vigilant!
Poor Joseph, it's tricky stuff is gravity.
A little tip - a large heap of laundry dumped on the floor after having quickly rescued it in from the rain is not only a very interesting plaything for an eight month old, but is also quite good for keeping him in one place. You can't crawl through a heap of bedsheets that quickly!

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  1. It's all very well letting him play with the washing, but it will have teeth and saliva marks. Eugh!