Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Happy Clappy

For a while now he's been happy to let me clap his hands together, in fact he really enjoys it! It took him a little while to get the idea of holding his hands out flat, but as soon as he did he loved the sensation of me clapping his hands. It's been a guaranteed method of cheering him up for quite some time!
This morning he finally had a go for himself. At first I thought he'd got something stuck to his hand, his hands were swiping past each other in a very odd sort of way!
And then he got it, he was putting his hands together and clapping! Well, he wasn't making much of a clapping sound, but the effort was definitely in the right direction. We have played several games of pat-a-cake today and the grin on his face has been quite something!
In other news I have finally managed to get his scrap book almost up to date, I am intending to fill it with pictures and mementos from his first year of life and it's going pretty well. I have used a lot of the cards we were given when he was born to decorate it, which means there's a lot of blue but I think it looks pretty good if I say so myself! I think I'll present it to him on his wedding day :-)
We're also taking part in another scientific experiment. A very nice lady rang up yesterday asking me if I was interested in taking part in a study at the local university. Apparently I filled in a thing saying I was happy to do so, but I can't remember doing it!
It's all to do with memory and finding hidden items, but I'll get more information through the post soon. As far as I could tell, it will mostly involve going to the university and playing with toys for an hour, something that both Joseph and I will quite enjoy! I will write more when I know more.
Time to go, I fancy an espresso from our new machine. Mmmm caffeine!

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  1. Get him to clap in time to the music. The he can join the 'worship group'!!!!!