Thursday, 25 August 2011


What's with all the weather at the moment?
In the last few years, our summers have been notable by not so much their absence but their general lack of dryness. This year I thought we might get more of a summer and we've had a few patches, but it's been pretty wet. Today is wet, we've had very wet days this week and when it does dry out it gets humid because the ground is so wet.
Why oh why? Sometimes I have a free afternoon and I'd like to take Joseph for a short walk and it tips it down. The poor boy hasn't been outside anything like as much as I would have liked him to be by now. We've had a couple of trips out in is baby back-pack, but that's about it. The poor thing needs to get a little sun and there simply isn't any.
I'm not a tanning fanatic. I have very sensitive skin and I don't like the heat, I actually prefer the cooler weather. However even for me the general sogginess is getting to much. When I was not a mum the weather was an inconvenience but not really a problem, now it's a proper barrier to me getting out and about. For myself I'm not too fussed, but trying to get a rain cover on the buggy is always a bit of a faff and getting him in and out of the car in the rain is very hard, we inevitably end up getting wet. While I'm faffing around getting him in the car seat the buggy gets wet and ends up with a musty smell.
So, what's up with the weather?

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  1. It's Reading Festival weekend, so what do you expect? Better get praying for the weather in September though. It often turns nice just after the schools go back, but better not take any chances.