Thursday, 14 July 2011


Whilst on holiday two little teeth broke in his bottom gum and announced themselves into the world. The previous couple of days Joseph had been a bit grumpier than average, but not enough to make me think that he was definitely teething. I've heard of some parents being up all night with a screaming baby who's teething, but Joseph didn't seem too bothered. Still, incisors and bicuspids are the easier teeth, canines and molars can be more uncomfortable. Gina Ford said in her book that having a strict routine can make teething less difficult and I wasn't convinced, but perhaps there's something in it after all.
On my next grocery shop I will be buying a little soft baby toothbrush and some milk teeth toothpaste. I'm not sure exactly how cleaning his teeth is going to go, but I bet it will be fun! We'll start as soon as there's more than the current 3mm of tooth at the bottom, seems a bit pointless just yet.
Still, one thing I am very glad of is that the routine we a roughly following now means that his last bottle is 4.30pm (ish!) and dinner at 6.30 followed by bed at 7. We're not giving him a last bottle before bedtime, something most parents seem to do. The kids love it, but you've got to clean their teeth afterwards (which they hate) and it makes toilet training overnight harder. If he starts wanting a drink before bed I hope we can stick to water, but he hardly drinks any at all at the moment. Whenever I offer him a non-milk drink he has a few sips and gives up.
Right now he's lying on the floor, flapping him arms and giggling every time I smile at him. Sooo cute!

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