Friday, 1 July 2011

And meanwhile at the clinic....

Well, fist of all I could not find Chairman Josephs little red book. You need it to keep all the weight information in, and it has a neat little graph to show you how much weight the baby ought to be gaining at the right age. Joseph is a little chunk, having now shot above the 75th percentile at his last weigh in. I'm not too worried, he's got some chub on him, but he's not one of those babies that look like they're made of linked sausages.
Well, as is the way with these things it turned out to be in the place I had looked the most. I blame The Cat, she was being annoyingly meeow-y at the time, probably to distract me so she could hide it.
And so, we went. It was quite busy, being a little bit later in the morning than I usually manage, but we got to a set of scales without any problems. Joseph had left me a little present in his nappy, but it wasn't too bad. Joseph was very interested in the babies around him, perhaps it was because there was a girl on either side, the little flirt!!!
The girl on the left was clearly a little older than Joseph and she was moving and trying to crawl. The poor Mum could only weigh her face down as she point blank refused to lie on her back, instead she was posing as if auditioning for a Pampers advert! Very cute.
The Mum on my right was clearly on her first visit to the clinic and couldn't work out how the scales worked. She didn't realise that the scales had to be on before the baby went on (I did that the first time) and somehow had managed to change the scales from metric to imperial! I had to help her out, not that I minded! She looked really worried, as if she might get into trouble for being flustered by the scales, especially as her baby had done a wee on them. I told her not to worry, Joseph had done that every time the first few months! Joseph wasn't helping much either, kept trying to pat the little girl on the head! Not the best way to get a date, but we'll show him when he's old enough. You start with chocolates......

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