Friday, 15 July 2011


Every parent experiences BOPI at some time in their lives, and it's a difficult issue and must be brought out into the open..... sorry, you know it's hard to put on a sarcastic tone of voice when typing, but please read the previous sentence with such a tone.
BOPI is a term I have coined for Baby-on-Parent Injury. Now, have we all finished laughing?
There's a lot of news stories about the kinds of low-lives who hurt their own kids, but I am suffering the reverse. During a nappy change on Tuesday I was blowing some raspberries on Josephs tum and he got a bit carried away and cracked me on the side of my nose with his heel. It startled me and brought tears to my eyes for a moment, then I thought no more of it and finished the nappy change. The rest of Tuesday passed without issue and Wednesday morning was fine, but in the afternoon I noticed my nose was sore. Not very bad, but enough for me to check in the mirror and I couldn't see anything. I had forgotten about the raspberry incident and my sore snitch was puzzling me.
On Thursday morning there was a small but visible swelling and a small area of redness, it has grown more uncomfortable since and has had to be medicated with the last of the codeine I was given on leaving hospital with Joseph after he was born. It's still sore and is, if anything, more swollen than it was yesterday. I don't think it's bad enough to take to a doctor, but I am rather dreading having to explain it if I do.
Doc - "So, Mrs Card, just who did injure you on the nose?"
Me - "My son."
Doc - "Have you considered reporting him to the police?"
Me - "Yes, but they said at 7 months he was below the legal age of criminal responsibility....."
He kicks a lot, does my little boy. If you're sitting on the floor playing with him you have to make sure you're out of foot range or you can get little bruises on your legs when he really gets going. Doesn't know his strength!
Still, I am hoping it will all be OK without any medical attention or obvious bruising, but the level of pain it is giving me is surprising!
And yes, if it came to be a legal matter he could claim provocation from the raspberry...

PS On first publication of this, a little advert popped up asking "Suffered a bone fracture?" Creepy!

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