Monday, 11 July 2011

Josephs First Holiday

We had a lovely week on the south coast, staying in my aunt and uncles chalet. We were right next to a pebble beach, the sun was out and there was a delightful tang of salt in the air!
Well, the sun was out when it counted, we did get some rain but we weren't too bothered. It was just nice to sit and relax and not do anything! On the mornings that it rained we felt we had a valid excuse to do precisely nothing and the rest was very much appreciated!
We did get out and about, Joseph had a small piece of scone from my cream tea and didn't like it. He especially didn't like a tiny taste of cream, it made him a little sick! He's an odd child, doesn't seem to have much of a sweet tooth, but then this is probably a good thing.
Talking of teeth, on the third day we were there we noticed that Josephs two bottom incisors had broken through! In my naivety I thought that they'd soon be all the way up, but almost a week later they're still pretty low in the gum, but most definitely visible! Today we noticed two more breaking through in his top gum, but we're not sure if they're canines or bicuspids. Two two front incisors are pretty close to rupture as well, so my little baby boy will soon have a toothy smile! I am already starting to think that he'll not be a baby much longer, we've had a couple of almost crawling moments when he's finally lifted his bum off the ground without planting his face straight into the floor! This will have to become Esther's Toddler Diary, sigh!
We did take the opportunity to dip Josephs toes in the sea, he wasn't convinced. He found the breakers quite scary and got a bit cold, ended up clinging on to Andy really tightly! It was a very sweet moment, but I think Joseph was glad to be wrapped up snug in a warm towel!
All in all, a lovely week.

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