Thursday, 21 July 2011

Almost crawling

He's getting into everything at the moment. His current obsessions are shoes and my step exerciser, which I am having to be very careful about now. It's not a problem when I'm not using it, he's not yet strong enough to push the foot paddles up and down, but when I am using it he really likes to get close and I know if I'm not careful he'll get a finger where you really don't want a finger to be and then we'll be in trouble!
It might perhaps be easier if he was actually crawling now. Half the problem is that he gets about by the roly-poly method, something which I would say is a little more miss than hit, except that there's a lot of hitting that happens by accident. Numerous times have I found him wedged up against a piece of furniture unable to work out why he can't roll any further and completely unwilling to go back the way he came. He got trapped under a dining chair yesterday, an impressive feat considering the dimensions involved would actually make it quite hard to roll underneath, but never mind. He managed it and then couldn't work out how to get back out again.
I keep thinking he's on the cusp of crawling. Up on his hands he can turn himself round to face any direction he likes and he sometimes manages to get up on his knees, rocks back and forth for a while and then goes back to what he's used to.
He's still trying to eat everything. Teeth are moving about, we definitely have two lower incisors and two upper bicuspids, giving him a slightly vampire-ish air, I keep joking that his first words will be "I vant to suck your... milk!"
Boom boom.

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