Monday, 7 March 2011


It seems like he changes every day sometimes. He's getting much stronger at holding his head up now, often not needing any support at all. He's not yet strong enough to lift it up, so he still needs support when you're picking him up.
He's starting to grasp really well too. It doesn't always work, but we're having some success waving toys at him and having him grasp them. Currently he can grasp the dangly plastic rings on his play mat the best of all, and sometimes doesn't really want to let go! Quite often we're seeing things heading in a mouthwards direction when he has successfully got hold of them. I've bought some plastic bowls and cutlery to be ready for the great experiment that is the weaning process. We've decided that one of the spoons should be a toy so it's not so much of a shock when it turns up with food on the end. Within a few minutes of playing with it, he got it in his mouth! He was rewarded with Mummy and Daddy both dancing around like idiots shouting "Well done!". Perhaps weaning wont be so bad after all. I am going to get one of those magic mat things with the sucker on it so the plate is pretty much glued to the table (or highchair) although I am informed that while they are pretty good, they don't stand up to a determined karate chop from an angry toddler.
He babbles sometimes now. I think he's trying to imitate speech, but doesn't really know what it is yet. We've had many a fun hour with one or the other of us mugging away at him like a complete idiot shouting "Gooo!" and having it repeated, albeit with more drool. He's mastered Goo, Coo and something approaching an Egg sort of sound. He'll be reciting poetry in no time, hehe.

Had the second round of vaccinations today. There was a lot less screaming after the jabs, but we've had quite a grumpy and drowsy afternoon. We've also spent a little while taking his temperature and pouring over his injection sites to give the correct information to the clinical trial people. This time one of the sites is a teensy bit pink and swollen, unlike last time when I simply wrote "0" in every single box for five days. Still, it's nothing to worry about, I'd much rather him have all of 4mm of pinkness and a grumpy afternoon than diphtheria or meningitis.
We've just completed the bedtime ritual. Andy gives him either a bath or a long (and hilariously funny) nappy change and does his last bottle feed. He's then put in his baby sleeping bag and gently put down in his cot. I always give him a goodnight kiss and Andy has started saying nightly prayers. I didn't think the two of them could get any cuter together, but they managed it! Aww, I've gone all mushy!
Right, I think it's dinner time and I'm off to poke about in the freezer.

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