Saturday, 12 March 2011

He's getting bigger

Well, today I have the fun opportunity to pick up some new baby clothes when I do the grocery shop this morning. This is because he's doing what all babies do - growing. Before he was born I bought him a cute pair of blue trainer shoes but now, as he's reached the important milestone of three months old, he's grown out of them. The last time I tried to put them on, it was quite a battle and Joseph really didn't like it so we gave up.
It's funny, what still fits him and what doesn't. He's got a pair of dungarees from Next that clearly state "1 month, up to 10lbs" that he only started wearing a few weeks ago because they were too big and they've still got growing space in them. At his last weigh-in he was over 14lbs. We also have T-shirts that are still big on him that are supposed to be for a much smaller baby. A case in point is the one he's wearing now, it's supposed to have a matching pair of trousers that are so small on him that there's no point even trying, but the T-shirt still has lots of room! He's got long legs you see, it's not obvious unless he has a stretch, but there you go.
So, I need new shoes for him and some new little vests as his current lot are now too short in the body. Thankfully his rate of growth will slow down a bit, but for the next 15 (or thereabouts) years I suspect I will constantly be discovering that he's growing out of everything.
You know, I never was much of a 'maternal' person before having Joseph. Where other girls would go and coo over a new baby, I never really could see the point. Babies were mysterious things to me, full of vomit and messy nappies and drool. They made a lot of noise and mess. Everyone said I'd have a different attitude when I had my own and just I wasn't convinced.
It was the socks that changed me. Yes, socks.
There was something about their teeny-tininess. I'd bought them when I was about 6 months pregnant and was at home taking them out of the pack to pair them up and put them away when it hit me. They were just so small! How could anything have such tiny little feet? I really did go all mushy. It's with a significant amount of emotion today I go to the supermarket to buy new things for him. He's growing out of his socks, you see. No more teeny-tiny feet!

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