Thursday, 24 February 2011

New Dads

Honestly, I have no idea why anyone would want to be a single Mum. Being a mum is exhausting enough as part of a team! At least we can take it in turns when things are tough, especially to start with. Believe me, there's nothing so good as being able to get a couple extra hours sleep becasue Andy could do one of the overnight feeds.
At the grand old age of 11 weeks, it's easier. Two nights in a row he hasn't woken up till 6am, a grand stretch of 11 hours sleep and an unbroken night for the both of us. Still, knowing there's someone there who's got your back when it gets tough is the best feeling.
It's not just the bad times. Having someone to share the good times with is truly fantastic. We've decided that the hour or so between Andy getting home from work and Josephs bed time is Daddy-baby time. I get to take a little break and Andy has an hours uninterrupted baby time, which often includes a bath. There's nothing so funny as listening to him bathe the baby. I think it's a new Dad thing, he seems to go off into some silly place where even changing a nappy becomes the funnest thing in the world! If I've had a rough day, it does cheer me up seeing them enoying themselves. Joseph is learning to splash the bath water with his feet and that makes it even more fun for Daddy!
It strikes me that in todays world, Dads can often get overlooked or written out completely. This seems so very wrong to me. If I was in the horrible position of having to bring Joseph up alone, I'd do my best but there's simply no substitute for a father in a childs life. We both bring different ideas and experiences and our child can learn from us both. Plus, there are all sorts of thing that a boy growing up will need to know that I simply don't have a clue about. No woman can understand fully what a boy goes through going up and the same is true for fathers and daughters. Also, mothers can give good insight to boys in dealing with the opposite sex and perhaps fathers can explain a little to girls just what goes on in a boys head.
So, if any new Mums are reading this - Dad needs to be involved as much as possible. If any new Dads are reading this - do as much as you can! I believe that every minute you spend with your baby is vitally important and Mum will appreciate it too!
Got to go, Joseph has decided that nap time is officially over for now.

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