Tuesday, 22 February 2011

The unpleasantries

Ah, the nasty side.
I promised I wouldn't go on about nappies, so I wont. All I will say is that sometimes they're not that bad, sometimes they're horrible - especially the ones that leak. Enough of that!
Sick is pretty nasty.
Have you ever had a bottle of milk go off? You get it out of the fridge, open it and you're hit with that musty cheesy stench that tickles the back of the throat slightly. That's pretty much what baby sick smells like, with an added acrid note. It is, after all, nothing but milk and hydrochloric acid with a little mucus thrown in. The initial smell isn't so bad and you tend to be more concentrating on clearing up all the mess, it's the lingering odour that gets you.
Joseph threw up on me this morning. No warning, just a little cough and then wham! White curdled liquid all over him, me and the bathroom floor. I cleaned up, but I can still smell it. I've washed and changed and I can still smell it on me. At least with dirty nappies, once you've bagged and wiped the smell goes away! After a while the smell of sick really puts you off the idea of ever eating any sort of dairy produce ever again.
He's had a crying day today. Don't really know why, and that's usually the worst part. When you know why a baby is crying, you can do something about it. When you're at a loss, you're stymied.
Is he hungry? Well no, he's not long eaten.
Is his nappy messy? No, and it's not leaky or over full.
Try playing with him - no, just makes him worse.
Perhaps he wants a hug. No, he's just crying even louder and kicking me to boot.
Let's take him for a walk. He must be tired after all.
Andy took him and his report was that Joseph slept for all of two minutes and spent the rest of the time 'staring daggers at me'. Well, at least he stopped crying.
He's tired. He must be tired.
Put him down in the cot anyway. He cried and he cried and he cried!
It stopped, eventually. Anyway enough time had passed for him to finally be hungry.
Sometimes he's unhappy for no apparent reason at all and I think he often feeds off us when we're stressed which is why it sometimes works to simply put him down and back away.
There's one other guarantee in life. Over night, if the baby is having a bad one, the moment he decides to give up and sleep is the moment the cat will wake up and start meowing and Joseph has got nothing on her!

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