Thursday, 10 February 2011

Five Days Later

There are a lot of potential side effects after vaccinations. I was expecting grumpiness, drowsiness and fever. He had a couple of grumpy patches but that was it, nothing else at all. You can't even see where the needles went in now. Filling in the diary card was an exercise in writing "0" in every box. Still had to take his temperature, which he wasn't too keen on, but it was fine.
It's 6.30am and I've nothing better to do than sit and write my blog. Went to bed at my usual 9pm and slept pretty well. Joseph has been lasting longer into the night now so the night feed is now something of a mystery as to when it will actually happen. The previous night it was 3.30am, last night 4am. Yesterday he did then continue on to sleep till nearly 7am. Today that's also now looking likely, but I will not be. He simply cannot sleep quietly. When he's deeply asleep he's pretty quiet, but when he's in lighter sleep it's very noisy. Babies can come very close to waking up as their sleep cycles, and this results in movement and noise. Sometimes it's just little snuffly noises, sometimes it's little baby words, sometimes it's dribbly noises (he just did one) and sometimes he actually cries out in his sleep. I have to watch him very carefully when this happens - is he sleepily crying or crying in his sleep? If it is the latter it's best to leave him. He often has quieted back down again, so picking him up would be silly. Sometimes it's a prelude to a hungry awakening, but there's no way of telling.
What it means is I can't get any more sleep. Have brought him downstairs again so Andy can rest, but there's no point me even trying to sleep. I'll be waking him up 7ish as per the routine anyway.
Over the last week, the last couple of days especially, the routine has actually been going well! He's started being sleepy at nap times and wakeful at play times! At last!
Actually, looking back it's been four weeks. I hope this is a real trend for the future and not a blip. I've even been able to put the moses basket upstairs and take him up awake and settle him without too much fuss. He'll have to go in a proper cot soon enough and that's not something that can be carted up and down stairs. Not sure what we'll do if he gets noisy in the cot. I guess whoever needs their sleep most will have to come down and kip on the sofa bed.  How soon do little babies go through the night? I'm starting to wonder if Joseph will manage it soon.
In other news, my car is fixed. It turned out it wasn't really broken in the end, the heat sensor was faulty. I could have driven it as much as I liked! Sigh. Had a dentist appointment which was ok in that I didn't get told off, but had a lot of tartar manually scraped off which was HORRIBLE!

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