Monday, 26 September 2011


I blame the little girl.
She was really very sweet and wanted to give Joseph a kiss goodbye before she and her family left cousin Hopes third birthday party. He didn't seem to mind, he seems to quite like having female admirers. The problem was that she was clearly incubating a cold virus and has turned my beautiful nine month old baby into something resembling a slug. Well, he does keep leaving sticky mucus trails all over the house to show where he's been.
His nose became like the Niagara Falls and he was really grumpy, but not as much as I and Andy were when we realised a few days later that we had it too. I hate colds, I hate runny noses and blocked sinuses. I hate the inevitable sore throat and hoarse voice. I hate the way it feels like you've got a fever but you actually haven't and I hate people who say "Oh, it's only a cold." No, there is no such thing as "only a cold" and I can't just take something and feel better. Believe me I've tried doing that and even when I'm maxed out on sudafed, lemsip and anything else floating around I still feel just as bad as I did right at the start. Dynamite wouldn't shift this congestion.
In the end I made use of the sofa bed. Andy and Joseph were upstairs, the one coughing and hacking, the other sounding like someone cutting through tiny logs with the junior-est of junior hacksaws. It would have been sweet were it not so annoying. I remained downstairs and could toss and turn and blow my nose as much as I liked without disturbing anyone. When it gets really bad I just jam a tissue up there which seems to help but apparently makes me snore like a warthog. At least downstairs I'm only upsetting The Cat who greeted me in the morning by throwing up her breakfast on my blanket.
I am at last feeling better and Andy seems to have shifted the worst of it, but Joseph is still producing large quantities of yellow muck from his nose. His favourite thing at the moment is to crawl up to you and leave great big strings of it on your trouser legs.
Still, I got a laugh today. He crawled down behind the sofa and got stuck, I found it amusing but he found it quite upsetting and when I pulled him out the facial mucus levels had reached critical levels. He calmed down and smiled, blowing me a nice yellow mucus bubble from his nose. Lovely.

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  1. Oh come on now, he was nowhere near that bad yesterday. The odd little nose bubble to be sure, but not a slug! Poor little mite, fancy being called a slug by your loving Mummy!