Friday, 9 September 2011


He's got a lot of hair, clearly something he's inherited from my side and not his Dads! :-)
There are problems attached to having a boy with pale skin, big blue eyes and lots and lots of fair hair. The problem is, quite simply that people assume he's a girl. I have got round this by clever dressing, lots of denim trousers and dungarees, lots and lots of blue and olive green, all of which should shout BOY. Still, none of it does any good if it looks like he's halfway to growing a fair ponytail.
The problems with haircuts are few but difficult to deal with. We've tried pinning him down and utilising the comb and scissors method, but he just wont sit still. The net result was a rather uneven haircut that just wasn't any good because it just carried on growing all uneven and untidy.
He was getting long locks again, threatening to get in his eyes. Andy was giving himself a haircut, he likes to keep what he has left nice and short, it suits him. He also doesn't think it good economy to go to a barbers when you can do it yourself at home in about 5 minutes. He wondered if he should use his electric clippers on Joseph.
I wasn't sure. I thought they'd be too powerful for Josephs delicate hair and I also thought he'd find it a bit scary, but the options were to have another go with the comb and scissors, not something I was too keen on as I was worried I might poke him in the eye or pay a professional.
Well, chances are the professional would use electric clippers. Do they do special small ones for tots?
So, we decided to have a go. Andy put a grade 8 on the clippers and we soon discovered that the hair on the back of his head isn't that long yet. So, we tried a grade 5 and soon the back of his head was looking even and tidy. We used the grade 8 on the top and his fringe went from messy and getting in his eyes to  neat and tidy. He looks much better and is entirely unfazed by the experience and I now have a nice bag full of clippings from his first 'proper' hair cut!

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