Thursday, 29 September 2011


A new era has been reached in Josephs little life: -
He now is the proud possessor of a set of wooden building blocks.
Over the last few weeks I have been noticing a sudden awareness in him - of objects and how they relate to each other. This is manifesting itself in an ability to start trying to put things in other things. At Hopes party he was trying to put small toys in her toy shopping basket. At home he tries to put his dummy in my mouth, an event he greets with much hilarity.
Andy bought a small set of cubes with letters and numbers and pictures on. At first there seemed to be no relationship between the pictures and letters, but in some cases there were. One cube has X and I, with pictures of a xylophone and an igloo. However another block with K and E had a kangaroo and a star. The next block I looked at had a C and a P with a picture of a dog and a fish. Carp and Puppy perhaps?
Then it dawned on us that they were French. Etoille is star and a dog is a chien and a fish is poisson. Brilliant, learning cubes in a language I can hardly speak any more. Does anyone know the French for binoculars? All I can tell you is that it begins with a J.
Still, we liked the little blocks and Joseph did too, so Andy headed back to the same charity shop to pick up another pack of them the following day.
However, rather than popping into Sue Ryder as was the plan he was waylaid by a large consignment of new toys in Oxfam, namely a chunky plastic car for 99p and a large bag of assorted wooden blocks. Now all I need is something to keep them in.
Joseph loves the blocks. He loves picking them up and bashing them together in a 2001 ape sort of way and he loves chewing them. Also he adores it when someone builds a tower out of the blocks and he can knock it down. Sometimes you have to physically restrain him so you've got time to put more than two blocks in the tower, so keen is he on its destruction.
In other news, Joseph and I had a nice afternoon out in town. We had a nice lunch in Las Iguanas where he was perfectly behaved and ate all his lunch and even a rusk which he did not drop even once and he smiled at my friends in Hobbycraft who all want to know when I'll be coming back. Haven't decided yet.

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