Thursday, 8 December 2011

First Day Back

Having been away for a year it was interesting to find that the place was both very different and exactly the same. Odd, I admit, but there you go. Some new faces, some old, some friends still there and some gone to pastures new.
I missed him. I did keep busy, but I couldn't help it I missed him. Deciding to to one day a week is the right call - I know in my heart I simply couldn't cope with any more. Joseph is an exhausting handful, but he's my exhausting handful and that's the way it's staying.
He seems to haver had fun at Grandmas today, he took his naps, ate his food and played with toys. The one thing he seems to be struggling with is his milk. It seems that I am still the only person that can persuade him to drink all of it. Others have tried and ended up with a small child covered in milky splashes as he fights off the teat. It's a good job I will be cutting his milk intake down soon, had I had to go back to work before he was weaned then it might be quite serious, but as he's a year old I'm not too worried.
In two days it is Joseph's big shindig, his numero uno birthday bash. I had a list of items I needed to purchase from work only to find I had left my purse at home. Now I will have to pop in tomorrow morning to pick up my things on the way to my Mums house for the great bake-a-thon. Joseph will be spending the day with Daddy and I will miss them both, but this time I will be making cakes and that does have a few up sides.

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