Monday, 17 January 2011

The baby routine hits the weekend (and misses)

Well, he went to sleep on friday night all right. Shame I didn't. Not sure why, but he seemed noisier in his sleep than usual and my sleep was very disrupted. For once, Andy seemed to sleep quite well.
Saturday had some success, his morning nap more or less worked. Got him to sleep for the midday sleep, but he wasn't down for long, he just did not want to stay asleep. We gave up and decided to get the grocery shopping done with me carrying him in the sling. Not exactly to the routine, but at least he slept for a bit. Can't remember what happened in the afternoon, but I do know the evening and night were disasterous. He wouldn't sleep at 7, it was gone 9 by the time he dropped off. I went to bed for my usual early night and was blissfully unawhare of the later events which mostly involved him waking up, having a bit of a whinge and not wanting to sleep - at all! Andy said he had about an hours worth of sleep in total, managed in little cat naps on the sofa in the brief moments when Joseph calmed down. I got up to do the early feed, sometime between five and six, but my memory can't be more exact. Andy decided to have a lie in, he clearly needed it, and I phoned my mum for a lift to church, what with my car still suffering from a mystery overheating problem. It's very frustrating trying to manage without a car, something that's not really happened to me for a long time. I can't drive Andys car as my insurance will no longer cover me on it.
Managed to pay attention in church, last week I had been quite sleepy and kept loosing the thread, but was ok this time. Had to disappear out to the mums and babies room as Joseph wanted an unscheduled snack. That room needs to be more strictly maintained to its original function, it's not a youth room, it's a mum and baby room. Mothers like a little privacy.
Oddly enough, he fell asleep just before 12 without me even trying. Didn't sleep till 2, but still managed a reasonable nap. Over to the grandparents for lunch, which was very much appreciated. Joseph had his bath, but was a little wary about the different baby bath and didn't enjoy it as much as usual. We had tea, he went to sleep at 7.30 and try as I might, Andy would not take an early night and stayed up till midnight to do the late feed. He did at least let me take over after that so he could have unbroken sleep till he had to get up for work. Joseph was well behaved. He woke me at 3.30am, but he was asleep himself, just making a lot of noise. It was nearly 6am when he finally decided he was hungry, an impressive feat! Andy and I have both managed just about enough sleep to cope, for once.
Today was always going to be a bit of a mess. With a Drs appointment at 11am, the scheduled naps in the routine have all gone to pot. I'm simply managing to keep his feeds on time. He didn't want to sleep for his 9am nap, but then I couldn't wake him properly in the morning and he ended up sleeping till past 8am. He did at least drop off on his way back from the doctors and slept till about 1.30pm in the car seat. He had a big lunch and refused to stay awake. I gave up at this point and we decided to become "Ladies wot lunch" again and headed out for a garden centre meal. Joseph slept on and on, leaving me decided that my favourite word at the moment is "somnolent".
Due to the late sleep, he was wide awake at 4pm and up until one minute ago was enjoying a happy kick about on his playgym. Excuse me a moment.
He's getting tired again and wants his next feed early, I think. Looks like I have to finish there. Byebye!

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