Monday, 24 January 2011

Baby at Seven Weeks

Well, have taken a little break from the blog simply due to general tiredness and not a lot of free time. It's time to write some of my experiences during the last week, lest I forget. Right now he's sleeping, but lightly. I've run the dishwasher, done some ironing and a little tidying up so I might as well waste five minutes on this as on anything else.
Have been on this routine for more than a week now and I certainly do appreciate having some sort of structure to my day. Up until the weekend, the feeding routine was working well, I felt like I was - more often than not - anticipating his needs. However he seems to have had an apetite jump and although he can't take a greater volume of milk in one hit, he seems to be getting hungrier sooner, which really makes the routine fall apart. I'm offering small top-ups in the mid point between feeds which I hope will work. I'm wary of overfeeding him, I don't want him to turn into a blob.
Some days over the last week have gone well, some have not. It seems to be that if I muck up the morning feed and sleep routine, the rest of the day is doomed to follow. A good start doesn't guarantee a good end, but it sure does seem to help. He has now twice managed the full 12-2pm nap and has been asleep for nearly an hour for todays effort. He went down a little earlier than planned, he was clearly a lot more tired than he looked and dozed off in half the usual time. Has gribbled in the moses basket a little, but is definately showing good progress at settling himself as long as he's comfy and warm. I have taken to calling him "Saveloy" as sausage is already taken. Plus, he does go the same colour when he cries!
Andy and I had our wedding anniversary this weekend and, in eerie echoes of last year, we spent it looking at furniture. Sigh, where did it all go wrong? :-) Regularly, one or other of us is sleeping downstairs (or trying to) with noisy baby so that the other can get some rest. Our current sofa was wrecked ages ago, and after 7 weeks of regular sleeping on it, it's now past the point of simple uncomfortableness and into sheer torture on the gluteus maximus, not to mention the lumbar spine. A four letter word made our new sofa possible....
Oh yes! A half price one with an extra 20% off and a zero interest credit agreement. Ah, happy times! It's a sofa bed, so uncomfy bum, cricked neck and bad back will soon be things of the past. It's coming tomorrow and I can't wait! Will have fun disposing of the old one! It's been a stalwart, but if it was a horse we'd have shot it years ago.

Joseph has been smiling more and more. It's what makes the whole business worthwhile. I'll never forget the first time, when he looked at me and his mouth opened wide into a massive grin. It wasn't wind, it was a real proper smile with dimples! He's really starting to get the hang of it now and....
He's just announced that he doesn't want to sleep any more and is much happier whinging. I have deployed the dummy, but I think it wont last. He just isn't getting the hang of keeping it in his mouth. I suspect, as mentioned earlier that he's getting peckish a little earler than usual. I will give him a short time, a minute or two, to see if he calms, but I think nap time is over for now.
Let's hope he makes up for it by lots of smiles later.

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