Monday, 11 June 2012

The Rain - and it's consequences

No exploits in the garden today. It's been raining pretty much constantly and there are flood warnings in the news. I wouldn't want my son to get all cold and wet!
I did go to the supermarket. Monday is weekly shop day and off I pop with my list of necessary items, wondering what I'll manage to forget this week (bananas, by the way). Joseph likes the supermarket, there are things to grab, shelves to pat and special offer notices that can be pulled off and played with. Today he really wanted the 2 for £5 frozen chicken sign.
There was also another little boy that he spent several minutes smiling at. The child in question was younger than Joseph and got very excited to see him. Whilst Joseph sat there coyly smiling and chuckling, the other child was rocking backwards and forwards and shouting "Da! Da!" at the top of his little voice.
Joseph had been unconcerned at the fact that the trolley seat was wet. They were all wet, every single trolley I could see and I had worried about not having anything to wipe it dry with, but no harm was done. I guess he's just used to a sensation of dampness around the rear end.
What bothered me more were his shoes. I bought them a long time ago, a well-known childrens retailer had a sale on, all the little shoes were heavily discounted and were buy one get one free, so I decided to stock up and got enough trainers to last him to two and a half at least.
This particular set have "aeration holes" in the soles. I hadn't noticed at the time or I might have selected a different pair. Now, according to the pseudo-scientific label, better air flow leads to more comfortable feet or something similar. That's all well and good if the holes are in the top, but in the sole?
All that happens is capillary action and if my son walks across damp pavement or steps in a puddle then he gets wet feet. Anyway, in hot weather when I feel he needs aerated feet then I will put him in one of the pairs of cute sandals I bought him during a similar sale at the same retailer a month ago. When I want him to wear trainers then I am assuming I'm going to want to keep his feet warm and dry.
Joseph has spent most of the day getting annoyed at me. He wants to go and play in the garden with his new ball. I'd let him, but for the cold, the wet and the mud. Alas now he has gone rather stir-crzay and I am at the end of my rather worn out patience. I even tried to interest him in a cringe-worthy Disney film which left me feeling all sucrosed up to the eyeballs. He didn't like it much either, so much for that. If it's just as bad tomorrow then I think I might start going a little mental.
Own up now, who of you shouted "Start?" in a supercilious tone?
By the way, any guesses on what "Go gah" can mean? He's been saying it a lot over the past few days and it seems to apply to everything from dropped food to a big fat pigeon sat out in the garden.

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